The Weight of Living

Words hold such weight for me. They mean so much to me. They are my sword.

I enjoy writing because out of all the talents in this world, I only have my writing skills. I can not draw, sing, or dance, all I have are my words. I hang such a great deal of weight on words that when I’m writing if I don’t mean something that I’m writing then I will not write it. If I’m tumblr and I see a post that I like (that involves some type of writing), but I do not 100% agree then I won’t reblog it. This may seem like a simple concept, you don’t like something then don’t reblog it, but to mean it means a lot. A post could say “I want to run away from it all”, and I would agree but I don’t feel 100% that way. I don’t like running away from my problems because everywhere you go you’re still you. So I will not promote the notion that running away will solve anything in life because it won’t. I take responsibility for my blog and I take responsibility with my words. I think very carefully about them. I am constantly erasing and retyping on my posts because I want anyone who reads my posts to know what I am saying exactly from my point of view.

Words hold such weight to everyone. They do hurt, they do lift you up, they can make you cry, they can make you laugh. If you think about it, your life is dictated by a bunch of clicks and sounds that you put meaning to. If someone in another language insulted you you would never know, or care because those sounds do not hold meaning to you, but if someone were to speak a language that you do understand and they insulted you… Words hold such meaning that your mood can change in an instant. Your brain will send hormones to change how you feel, think about that…these words will register in your mind and it can change the chemical balance in your mind. That’s a lethal, it’s no wonder bullying is such a big issue. Words can hurt you and they do and they can change how you see yourself. This is why I love writing so much. Sure you can move people through art but with writing or speaking in general you can control people. People become a puppet and you the puppeteer. That’s a lot of power…and I actually enjoy the idea of me being in control. Of course, I would rather not use my words to break people but just the idea that I can brings a sinister smile to my face. ( just a heads up I am an INTJ personality type and their nickname is the Mastermind so…this thinking isn’t unusual)

well that’s all today, just a short little thought bubble I had today and feel necessary to speak about.


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