A Horse named Nostalgia

Hello yes, I’m back

It’s not that I’ve been overly busy (although this week is a little hectic) I just haven’t found the motivation or inspiration to write something. I could just write about what I do all day but I like my writings to have a little more substance. I like to leave whoever  may stumble upon my blog to get inside my head. I like being completely open and honest in my writings, the more honest the purer the writings. This is where my problem comes in, nothing has happened in my life that has inspired me to have a strong opinion. I enjoy writing but not when I have nothing to say. Nothing to say until NOW…

Halloween. It’s a fitting post for a fitting time. Halloween used to be my favorite holiday, it was so magical to me. Halloween had this vibe that came with Disney movies, bitter cold, leaves falling, the smell of apple pie candles, it was so exciting to me. When did the magic go away? Somewhere in there I no longer went trick or treating and I started seeing the monsters as people in a costume. “Scary movies” like Tower of Terror and Don’t Look Under the Bed turned into real scary movies like Paranormal Activity and The Conjuring. One day Halloween became too real. I grew up and my excitement and wonder and the vibe for the holiday went with my childhood. I stopped watching Disney Channel and no longer trick or treated. I just sat at home and watched ghost shows eating the trick or treat candy by myself in the dark. I think in this moment I realized I was growing up and how I didn’t want to. I say I like Halloween but what I really like is the memories. I like being nostalgic and seeing the little kids come by with the same wonder and amazement I had. One day, they too will wake up and realize holidays are just a day off of work or a day for overtime.


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