If you say you aren’t a feminist then you don’t know what feminism is

Heck yeah! it feels good to get work done! So from my previous post to now things have settled down a bit within me. I am thinking clearly and have been accomplishing a lot. I actually go to a library to study now! I’m in one right now! College life so far: People party a lot, but not everyone so if you see people going out and you feel left out you’re not missing anything really. People party to get laid or get drunk, that’s it. Nothing else but to get sex and get booze. Why that is exciting to me I can kinda understand cause people just want to feel good and those two things can provide a temporary solution. Also, big classes aren’t that bad but they are annoying. I’m currently in a lecture class with 450 other people, it sounds like a big number but honestly being in the class I had no idea there was that many people in there. The one thing that annoys me is the talking. Are we not adults? Do you seriously have to talk to the people around you every time the professor stops talking? Like really. Also going from an all-girl school to having guys in classes made me realize you’re not missing anything. Boys like to disrupt the class and I’ve come to the conclusion that they do that for two reasons: They aren’t that smart and don’t want people to see that and they are insecure and think being a jerk will distract you from this thought. Please don’t be that person. I’m not dropping 45K a year for this. Please go to community college and let the rest of us scholars learn! Other observations, dorms are a bad place to study and overall hang out in because people will be loud, the walls are thin, and small spaces will drive you crazy without you even noticing. Get outside and explore the campus, walk into random buildings and just look. Look at how big the structures are and the amount of work that went into creating such architecture. Take care of yourself, go to the gym, don’t forget about hygiene, drink enough water that your pee comes out clear or light yellow, take a break from studying, eat, don’t eat that much or you’ll run through your meal points too fast. Get enough sleep. Get a job. Join a club. On to another point I just thought about! So i’m in sociology, the study of people and why we behave the way we do. Short answer: we were programmed this way but that’s besides the point. So in this class, the professor is totally awesome. He runs around the class, shows us cool videos, he’s exciting and energetic and it’s awesome. He told us about a future assignment where he would ask us to do things that others would view as going against the social norm. Things like sitting closely to someone when there is so many other places you could go, going to a restaurant and directly ordering to the chef, taking groceries from someone’s grocery basket, etc. The idea is to see social construction at work and document our observations. And I figure why should I be the only one to try this? I encourage you to go out and try these things yourself. BUT DO NOT BE MEAN TO SOMEONE OR HARM SOMEONE. Just be friendly and kind and if a joke goes wrong don’t be like Sam Pepper and fight everyone, just explain it’s for science and apologize then thank them for their childhood and run like hell. Nobody gets hurt and you don’t look like the biggest jerk in the world. Just observe how people follow routines mindlessly without even questioning why? How do you know the people you talk to are your co-workers or friends? Why do you go from one box to another? Like your house, to your car, to your job and so on. We are all a product of society, but what is society? It’s something that humans made up, like everything else in this world, clothes, money, time, it’s all made up! What’s real? what isn’t? We are all just little specks and yet we believe we are so much more important than we really are! We live in a world where we are the main character and everyone else is just an extra or supporting character. You are just a supporting character in someone else’s movie! Disease really means your body isn’t in ease and if you’re not at ease then you’re in dis-ease! It’s madness! Thank you that will be all.


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