Becoming One With Nature

Just a few minutes ago I saw a bumblebee trying to pollinate some lavender in my backyard. I leaned forward and noticed it sticking it’s head into the buds then flying to another branch, this went on for some time. Another part there was a wasp doing the same thing and when it saw what the bumblebee was doing it chased it away from the plant. The bumblebee kept coming back over and over and I could tell it was making a game out of this. It was like the wasp was the old man who yelled at the kids (bumblebee) to get off his lawn; I just had to smile at the sight of this.

I used to be an angry child while growing up. Every little thing could send me on a screaming rant, although the people around me found this to be entertaining they had no idea that I was really ticked off all the time. I used to not care about nature at all. I would throw my trash on the ground and I could never understand those “tree-hugging hippies”. I was rude to all and especially my pets, I saw them as weak and than me so I felt I could push them off of the couch, feed them whenever I no longer felt lazy, wake them up just because, and just run into them because I wasn’t aware of my surroundings. I look back now and I can’t understand how I could be so heartless toward these creatures that trusted me.

Dogs amaze me with their loyalty to humans ( I say dogs because I never owned a cat). After doing all those things to them they still would cuddle up to me when I cried, licked my hand, begged for me to pet them, and still followed me around. I wish humans had that trait more often of forgiveness, I think a lot of heartache would be relieved. These animals are raised to trust us despite the fact that some are betrayed by their owners and are greatly harmed ( there’s a special place in hell for animal abusers). We could forget to feed them and instead of turning their back on us they hope it doesn’t happen again tomorrow. To forgive so quickly…I hope to be half as forgiving as that.

I’m talking about nature and dogs because in a flash of self awareness, I realized that the peace I felt while watching those two insects go at it was what it felt like to be one with nature. I had never noticed how much I had changed until I thought back to my past and remembered how I felt about nature.

I noticed a change when my chihuahua, Mojo, was diagnosed with a condition that caused him a great deal of pain. The disks in his neck were too close together and after a rowdy time the disks started pinching his nerves to the point where every time he moved his neck he let out a scream that broke my heart. He was given meds but he still yelped whenever someone tried to pick him. I felt sympathy as if I was my own child in pain screaming for help. I slowed my heartbeat and went over to pick him up, everyone in the room stopped to see how he would respond. I bent down in front in of him so he could see me and wouldn’t be startled resulting in a quick snap of the neck. I gently placed my hand on his sides and looked him in the eyes trying to convey a look of ” you can trust me”, I gently lifted him up and placed him on the couch. He didn’t scream, didn’t even whimper, I felt so proud that I was able to accomplish something that others couldn’t but it went much deeper than that. I helped this creature that couldn’t help itself. He trusted me and I could tell he loved me because he would only let me pick him up after that.

From that moment I have noticed that my fear of certain insects like wasps and bees have deterred and allowed us to live in the same backyard in harmony. I’ve rescued insects from drowning, nurtured to my dogs (trying to make up for the times I was a jerk), and just felt fascination and appreciation for nature and it’s beauty. With this I’ve noticed I’m calmer, more at peace, loving, caring, sensitive, and sympathetic toward all creatures in life (Including the ones that talk).

That’s all I have to say, Peace.


2 thoughts on “Becoming One With Nature”

  1. Cat have zero loyalty. Compared to dogs, cats wind up in negative territory on the loyalty meter.
    Unless you enjoy being ignored, pestered at inopportune times, and being stared at for unfathomable reasons, stick to dogs. You can send them away and they will listen. Cats are more like having teenagers.


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